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Remove category field from Page's schema

By default, the schema of page gets the same schema as post. That means page will also have category and cat_links in it's schema. But that is redundent since page does not have categories. So those fields should be removed from page's schema.

To remove the fields, paste the below code in your theme's functions.php

 add_filter( 'cm_typesense_schema', 'remove_cat_facet_from_page', 10, 2 );

 function remove_cat_facet_from_page( $schema, $name ) {
    if ( $name == 'page' ) {
        foreach( $schema['fields'] as $index => $field ) {
            if( 'category' == $field['name'] || 'cat_link' == $field['name'] ) {
                unset( $schema['fields'][ $index ]);

    // Should be sorted because unset removes the index number only and leave empty in between
    sort( $schema['fields']);
    return $schema;

Note: After implementing this, page has to be reindexed by clicking Delete and Re-index on settings page