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Changing Default Widgets

By default, all facets for filtering are shown as refinementList. As of version 1.2.4 developers have the version to add between menu, rangeSlider or rangeInput.

Note: For rangeSlider and rangeInput the facet must be int64.

To do this you can use filer cm_typesense_filter_type. The following code is written in child themes functions.php file.

function cm_change_facet_widget_type( $filterType, $filterName ) {
    if ( $filterName == 'category' ) {
        $filterType = 'menu';
    } else if ( $filterName == 'comment_count' ) {
        /*For range slider the schema for field must be int64*/
        $filterType = 'rangeSlider';

    return $filterType;

add_filter( 'cm_typesense_filter_type', 'cm_change_facet_widget_type', 10, 2 );